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GOP Tax Cuts are Racist and Republicans Will Burn in Hell

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 28: Protesters demonstrate near the full Senate budget committee markup of the tax reform legislation on Capital Hill November 28, 2017 in Washington, DC. Republicans in the Senate hope to pass their legislation this week and work with the House of Representatives to get a bill to President Donald Trump before Christmas. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Tax reform is always about political power. It is the political act of one party picking winners to gain votes or pay off friends.  When it is your party picking you, it’s always virtuous.  When it is the OTHER party picking winners, it is scandalous.  In the divided states of America, tax policy is now racist too.  Oh, and Republicans are going to burn in hell for this tax policy too.  The GOP tax reform kills people, steals from the poor, takes money from the working class, and enriches wealthy, non-working, white people.

I know tax cuts are racist because I read in on Twitter, from obviously objective experts in tax and public policy.

This poor fellow carries the dual burden of being a racist and economic illiterate. If one needs a reason to support ending net neutrality, it would be to ensure that someone charges this guy extra to get on the internet and share his stupid.

When I write long, lawyerly, business-like, analyses, people either don’t read them, don’t appreciate them, or don’t understand them. If I were in the click-profiting business, such pieces would be economic suicide.

People want anger, emotion, and indignation.

Make no mistake, gentlemen like Mr. Robinson earn those reactions.  However, the difference between being an honest, intellectual, conservative and being a reactionary is that sometimes, we must do more than simply point out the idiocy of others.  We must teach and inform, if only so that we can look back and say, “we met racism and ignorance with intellect.”

Tax cuts don’t come at the “expense of Black people, working families, and communities of color.”  Quite the opposite, young man.

Taxes collected by the government come at the expense of those who pay them.

Mr. Robinson, that includes many fine people in the categories you mention in your breathless expression of racial animus and economic illiteracy.

If Mr. Robinson is or merely ordinary intelligence he should be able to grasp a very simple concept.

Taxes returned to those who pay them is not a “wealth transfer” from one group to another.  It is a return of money paid by one group back to that group.

Needless to say, “wealth” is not transferred from poor people to rich people.  This is a canard, and worse than that, it is a matter of failed logic.  If the poor had wealth, they wouldn’t have been poor.

What the ranting radicals of the left really want to say is that once the government has taken the money of productive taxpayers and redistributed it to others, it’s just not fair to take that money back.  The left believes it is entitled to your tax dollars, and that entitlement converts your money into a moral and legal obligation you must pay to others.  Hence, by keeping your money … you have stolen their entitlement to it.

Mr. Robinson likely isn’t dumb.  He’s probably merely an economically ignorant, unaccomplished, radical, left-wing social justice warrior, profoundly uninformed about free markets.  What radicals like this do understand is that they can personally profit from fomenting anger and division based on class-warfare.

Hate and division is the currency of the hard left. The goal is to get their hands on your hard-earned currency.

Trust me, no organization like the one Mr. Robinson leads would need to exist without division, racial animus, and classism.  So, Mr. Robison, clever like a fox, sells lies and hate for his own benefit with tweets like the one above.

The Mr. Robinson’s of the world have another advantage.  Political partisans are nearly impossible to reach with objective facts.  Add to that partisanship a racial grudge and distrust, and Mr. Robinson can lie outright about tax reform without ever worrying that his “followers” will be told the truth. Even if told the truth, they wouldn’t listen.

Political partisans won’t believe the truth you tell them … unless you are one of “them.”  Mr. Robinson is miles behind the great political wall of ignorance, partisanship, and zealotry.

In Mr. Robinson’s world, the GOP tax reform is a scam designed to steal the wealth of black people, working people, and communities of color and give it to whom? 

Well, they are giving it to evil, white, non-working people, based on his tweet.  Why is America doing that?  That is supposed to be self-proving.  America is a racist country where non-working whites steal the wealth of the country from people of color. The left believes this.

Mr. Robinson lives in American’s 51st state … the fastest growing state in the union.  That is the state of racism. That state is filled with all kinds of America-loathing dolts.

Check out this fellow.  He thinks democracy is now dead, thanks to all these old white people.

Once again, it’s the white people stealing money and killing democracy.  We white people are not merely treacherous, we are very busy for a group that doesn’t work.

Here’s an optimistic view of America from an organization that “shares blue.”  It seems more like they are sharing ignorance and preaching the blues.

Really? The tax reform plan was an evil plan designed to kill children?  Mind you, share blue is a leftist organization fighting for a party that actually kills kids.  That’s a bit ironic given this nearly hysterical, baseless criticism.

Then, if these folks aren’t bad enough, we have a money changer hiding in the cloth, living off charity, who tells us that we are again, stealing from the poor.  He wants you to know the GOP will burn in hell for that.

Once you embrace the “burn in hell argument” against tax policy, you are either ISIS or a partisan fool unworthy of a collar, let alone a voice in responsible public discussion. When this guy reaches judgment, I hope the Lord mercifully explains economics to him.  Once again, the poor are not having their money stolen.

I give a real hat tip to Erick Erickson for pointing out yet another oddity of leftists hiding in any church:

What a joke.  That “priest” literally ministers to the stupid, and he apparently tries to soothe their condition with anger and ignorance.  Good luck padre.

What would this entire tax reform debate be without hearing from a pollster and paid flak of the left who self-identifies as a “resistance” member?

This little fellow doesn’t have any idea what “markets” are. According to him, returning money to those who pay taxes and eliminating a government mandate and penalty to buy insurance destroys markets?  Really?  I know a great deal about markets, and government mandates, taxes, penalties, and regulation don’t free markets.  Those government actions manipulate markets.  There is no free market for health insurance.  Heck, “health insurance” isn’t even “insurance.

Not surprisingly, the left has conjured up a host of evils the will befall society when government gives the people back THEIR money.  Weird, in the land of liberty and free markets, the government passed legislation to give taxpayers back some of the taxes they paid into the system, and leftists want a revolution.  It’s literally, anti-American.

Just remember, the GOP tax cut isn’t merely a scam, it’s racist.  It kills children, destroys markets, and rewards non-working white people, whose privilege is simply out of control.

If you lie awake each night wondering how Donald Trump got elected, just recognize that Americans were so terrified by leftists like these that there was no way they ever could have voted to put these people or their party in charge.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
He is a trial Attorney and author of a #11 best-selling book on Amazon written on higher education, “Of Serfs and Lords: Why College Tuition is Creating a Debtor Class”

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