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U.S. Olympian: Heads I Win, Tails You’re a Racist

Fortunately Davis's Medal Wasn't White Gold, lest he complain
Shani Davis doesn’t like to lose. That attitude probably helped drive him to be a decorated Olympic speed-skater. Blaming his coin-flip loss for the right to carry the US Flag on his skin color, that makes him a spoiled little racist.
The US Olympic Committee chose two-time world champion and four-time Olympian Erin Hamlin as its flag bearer in the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies. That choice came as the result of a tie between her and decorated speed skater Shani Davis. Each secured 4 votes among the eight U.S. winter sports federations.
In the event of a tie, the Olympic Committee previously decided upon a coin flip.  This was likely to prevent hard feelings and the obvious awkwardness and me-centric reality that would result from the two tied athletes lobbying for the final vote.
There is no “I” in team, they say. There is no “R” in coin either. There isn’t a “B” or “W.” Somehow, though, Mr. Davis turned his bad luck into a sinister quip on race.
Really?  Yes … Really.
After luck did not turn for him on the coin flip, Davis took to Twitter to suggest he was a really good skater, and he would wait for 2022, sort of.  He also threw in a hashtag for Black History Month and noted that the coin flip was dishonorable.
What does losing a coin flip to carry our flag have to do with Black History Month? Not one damn thing. How does one “dishonorably” toss a coin?  I guess by tossing it so that the minority doesn’t win?
Davis takes the moment of the Olympic games and its high ideals to inject the false notion of race into a complete act of chance … a simple coin toss.
Maybe Mr. Davis will take a knee.
The Olympics are an opportunity for unity, not just with the world, but in our country, which is torn apart by an identity and race obsession. Mr. Davis couldn’t just be an American, he had to be a victim, a sore loser, and a target of racially motivated coin-flipping oppression.
I think every decent American, irrespective of color, is happy he lost that flip.

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