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The Day After Tomorrow: War


Do I have your attention? Good. Considering what we have witnessed over the last eleven months, and the possible results of this presidential election, then what I am about to say should not surprise you… although it should cause you concern. On this Election Eve, I predict that the day after tomorrow will be war.

I know, I know. We’ve had many elections where things were bitter. Where the candidates were stark choices. But while some things are the same, this is quite different. What I am talking about is what those of us on this site have been warning about for years. That a civil war was close to being started, and in many ways, is already in full swing. Our Editor in Chief, Rich Kelsey, wrote in August 2018 The Fall of the American Empire: Political Self-Segregation and the Civil War of 2021. This article is prescient because over two years since the article was written, almost all that he warned about has come true or we are on the doorstep of enduring. One example was when Rich said:

America has now devolved into three distinct groups. The political left, the political right, and the politically, culturally, and educationally ignorant or disinterested.

In many cases, those groups overlap. The real danger in this new America is that the so-called “educated” among us are tuning out those with whom they disagree. People are un-friending lifelong friends and family members who are on the wrong team.

Rich Kelsey

You see, in any war, one of the precursors to war is when embassies start emptying, communications are cutoff, and forces are mobilized. Do we not see this now? Even Rich’s prediction of this civil war kicking off in 2021 is right on the mark, because no matter who wins, in January 2021, the war will enter its full engagement.

I can hear some of you now. “Come on, Jay. It isn’t that bad! You are just being an alarmest.” Really? Go read Rich’s article and tell me that all of those things are not happening. Show me where the path we are on, and have been on, does NOT end up with a civil war. I’m all ears!

Rich ended that article stating the obvious…

The new modern war is already underway, online and in our streets … funded and promoted by our enemies. The only question is When it will turn into a more recognized, traditional, “civil war.” We will not emerge from the ’20s without a fight, re-alignment, or significant remake of the current structure of government and law.

Rome is burning … and the modern Romans are pouring gas on the fire.

Rich Kelsey

As a political science student back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the more I studied history, our Founding, and our political and cultural principles, the more I realized that we were not heading in a good direction. And we have been off track since at least the start of the War Between the States in the 1860s. We have continually moved from our core principles and towards the core principles of Marx and authoritarianism.

We have continually moved away from our core American principles and our Founders. Away from liberty and unalienable rights. And that movement has happened unabated. Not even during President Ronald Reagan’s two terms, or the first term of President Donald Trump, have we seen the decline arrested.

Because the decline has not been stopped, only slowed at times, civil war between Americans and those who want to destroy America and build upon it something abhorrent to all Americans, has been inevitable. Try as we might, Americans have tried to “get along” with the Marxist left. To find “common ground.”

Folks, there is no longer common ground (and likely ever was)! For Americans to negotiate and to compromise with the antiAmerican left, means that the left ALWAYS wins. And Americans and America ALWAYS loses.

Emboldened by their gains, the left are now on a full court press. They are close to taking control of the reins of the White House and both houses of Congress. They have threatened (and WILL follow up), with packing the court (by increasing the number of seats, and putting antiAmerican jurists on the Supreme Court) so that they also control it. This isn’t a matter of “if,” only “when.”

With these gains, they will no longer try piecemeal implementation of their antiAmerican, antiliberty policies. Instead, they will push to get them all done… immediately. I’m not going to list them all here, but the Bill of Rights will be illegally curtailed, unalienable rights will become “permissions,” and the specter of every other authoritarian leftist state ever to exist will become reality. If you want a great list of what the left is up to and will be doing, read our Managing Editor’s, Ken Falkenstein, article 25 Steps from the Democrats’ Radical Actions to a New Civil War.

If we back up, I wrote several times in the last few years about the coming civil war. In my March 2017 piece, Civil War is Here: The American Course of Action, I talk about Paul Greenberg’s article where he lists why civil war is inevitable. He stated that:

  • Disagreements become civil wars when one side rejects legitimate authority.
  • The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.
  • The left has rejected the Constitution and the American principles.
  • Compromise with the left has become impossible.
  • Americans have no shared interests or values with those on the left.

I am not going to repeat what was written in that article, go read it! In fact, all of the links I am providing on here, you should read to understand where we have been, what has been predicted, and where we are. Only then can you fully appreciate where we are headed.

Some folks have asked “so if Trump wins, or the GOP keeps the Senate, will this civil war be averted?” The short answer is “no.” The long answer is that if the Democrats do not gain full power tomorrow night (or sometime in the next few weeks as the Ballot Counting Jamboree entertains us), the riots/looting/attacks on police and others WILL intensify. You can bank on it!! As I referenced Greenberg above, the left have rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control. What we have seen this summer will pale in comparison to what is coming.

Well, what if Biden wins, and/or the Democrats gain the House AND Senate? Will that satiate the antiAmerican leftist masses, calming them and sending them back to their homes. Again, in short, “no.” In this case, the left has two things fueling its ambitions.

First, it has waited a VERY long time to get to the point where things are… they see the Marxist utopia end to everything they have worked for, right in front of them. They will double down on that effort.

Second, Trump has poured gasoline on the fire and added high explosives to it. By Trump going after the left, and goring it daily (which we Americans absolutely loved watching!), he has caused the mentally and emotionally unstable left to “lose their minds.” Their daily crying, wailing at the sky, shaking their fists, and feelings of impotency will only fuel them to not only seek ALL of their goals, but to also seek retribution in the process. They are angry and have little self-control. The “purge” will come.

While Trump supporters chanted “lock her up” (for Hillary Clinton to be jailed) and now “lock him up” for Biden and his corrupt family to be jailed, there has never been any serious effort to do any of that. Much to the chagrin of some on the right. But the left? They WILL look to jail their opponents, INCLUDING President Trump. On what charges? Does not matter! They’ll figure something out. The goal is all that matters.

Starting to see similarities between us and other nations that fell because of the Marxist hordes? You should.

But what about the Americans? With all of this going on, what will they do? After all, Americans are not keen on losing rights, or having America destroyed. And their patience has just about run out with all of this leftist nonsense, riots, looting, etc. The hammer of American justice is about to come down.

What will the Americans do if Trump wins, and maybe the GOP retains the Senate? And at the same time, the antiAmerican left goes “nuclear” and begins ramping its destruction of property and people. Where the media and their cohorts double down on attacks, misinformation, and downright lies to ratchet up the violence. What will Americans do?

Well, what Americans always do… fight.

What we will see is increasing government “hammers” coming down with police, National Guard, etc. More brutal measures will be taken (and need to be taken) to shut down the destruction the left will try to bring. Please understand, this will only embolden them to increase the level of violence. Guns will enter into the equation, where we will see the beginnings of mass shootings, shooting of police and National Guard, as well as the wanton destruction of property. We have already seen this in places like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago. This will only intensify.

With the increased destruction and injuries (and even deaths), Americans will call for even more drastic actions. Including labeling the left “domestic terrorists” and turning the whole thing into a full out war. Not a war of words…. but a war. And in that scenario… one I have prayed for decades would not come (and pray the Lord keeps from happening!), the level of destruction and death will reach epic levels. Neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, sister against sister.

Don’t believe this can happen? We already did this once before, and lost over 600,000 Americans in the war in the 1860s. If you think that cannot happen again, well… you have your head in the sand.

What if Biden wins and the destruction of our Constitution, of America, the retribution, etc. as I eluded to above happens? What will Americans do then? Well, as I said above, they will fight. As Ken states in his article The Socialist Tyranny the Democrats Are Planning Will Lead to a New Civil War:

If the American people can’t control our own destinies through peaceful elections, we will have no alternative but to engage in violent revolution like oppressed people around the world have done throughout history.

Ken Falkenstein

You see, the two sides have no common ground. Not anymore. The side that wants unalienable rights and the rule of law, who will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect liberty, cannot negotiate nor give even an inch to the side that cares for none of that and only seeks power in order to push their statist utopias.

Neither side can live in the society the other demands.

And as the great Ronald Reagan once said “therein lies the road to war.” As Reagan went on to say (and I am paraphrasing here) that Americans are only left with two choices: fight or surrender.

President Ronald Reagan

And while in the video above, President Reagan was talking about the Soviet Union, you can insert the antiAmerican left into its place and his speech will PERFECTLY apply to what Americans face today.

President Reagan’s words ring true with all Americans. And his admonition on the course ahead for Americans is noted for times such as these:

Where then is the road to peace? Well, its a simple answer after all: you and I have the courage to say to our enemies “there is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.” …

You and I have a rendezvous with Destiny. We’ll preserve, for our children, the last best hope of men on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.

President Ronald Reagan

While the antiAmerican left chant “no justice, no peace,” Americans have begun their own chants. And the central theme of those chants are “We Will NOT Comply!” While Americans will do everything to make sure this doesn’t devolve to violence (and I am certainly not advocating for violence), the left will make sure that there will probably be no choice.

President Reagan went on to speak, in a different speech, about Arlington National Cemetery. A place I served for four years during my Army career. And he talked about a tombstone of a soldier, killed in action action in World War I. President Reagan talked about how he left his job in a small town barbershop to go to war in Europe. After he died, a journal was found on his body. And inside the cover of this journal, Private Martin Treptow wrote THE most American thing I have ever read:

MY PLEDGE: America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.

Private Martin Treptow

Americans face the same call now. Each one will have to be ready. To “cheerfully” head into the breech in the wall of liberty, as if the whole struggle will depend on them alone. Because in many ways, it does and it will.

I close with letting The Gipper state the obvious about Americans. We have never changed. So with the clouds rolling in, with uncertainty and almost certain strife ahead, his words should bring strength to all Americans, and bring a warning to the antiAmerican left.

As with the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it.

We will NOT surrender for it.

Now, or ever.

We are Americans.

Author: Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard is the Executive Editor of Committed Conservative. Jay is currently a security analyst and business owner. Jay served 21 years in the U.S. Army, mostly in the infantry. Jay also served as an Army inspector general for four years. Jay has a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from James Madison University, and a Masters of Public Administration (concentration National Security) from Troy University. Jay has run several successful state-wide political campaigns, and has been an outspoken advocate for the Constitution, the core American principles, the Convention of States, and military policies. Jay’s passion is everything to do with the founding of our country, and with baseball. Jay has coached over 30 years at the youth to prep levels.