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War Drums…The Line Has Been Crossed


It is interesting how people hold onto hope when all evidence shows their hope is misplaced. Such are the views of many, many Americans as the results of last month’s state-level elections were revealed in Virginia and Kentucky. What Americans don’t understand is that the line has been crossed in which the path towards liberty that they had hoped for is no longer available. Civil war, even if not involving violence, now appears inevitable.

Some people may admonish me, believing that the changes in Virginia are just a political cycle. After all, the left had control of both houses in Virginia 26 years ago and it cycled back. Their hope is that the cycle will swing back in the future, and all they need to do is to work hard to gain seats back.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can NEVER be restored.”

President John Adams

Let me use the stock market ticker to illustrate why they are wrong. If you notice the line on the ticker, it goes up and down every week. Sometimes it even goes up significantly, or drops precariously, in a day or week. But what one must keep an eye on, instead of the day-to-day, week-to-week turbulence, is the general trend of the line. If the line, over months and years, is trending upwards, then things are overall headed in the right direction. If the trend is downwards, then this signals there are significant problems and the path forward does not bode well.

The political trends started over a century ago, when progressivism and all other views which took on the core principles of Karl Marx, began to take hold in America. While there have been ups and downs in the short term in regards to liberty, the overall trend has been downwards towards tyranny.

Please get this…at NO TIME has the onslaught from the anti-American left stopped or the direction reversed. Not even under President Ronald Reagan, and certainly not under President Donald Trump. Our decline has continued and we find ourselves at the precipice, with the ability to turn away from certain disaster no longer available to us. With the polarization of the United States “balkanizing” us like we haven’t seen in this country since the 1850s and 1860s, we are left with a train that has left the station and the brakes no longer work.

I have written about the coming civil war in America several times over the last two years. I provide links to those articles below. And while we can see the “war clouds” rolling in, I have been writing and talking about this eventuality since the early 1990s. This is all happening throughout the United States and nowhere else in the country is the evidence of polarization and clash between the two sides evident than in the Old Dominion, the birthplace of presidents and some of our greatest Americans. The Commonwealth of Virginia is the perfect storm that we can use to showcase this balkanization and the upcoming battles which will spread across this land.

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Just a month ago, the Democratic Party was swept back into control of all Virginia statewide positions. The Democrats now control the governor’s mansion, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general, and both houses of the Virginia legislature. Much of this is due to the influx of non-Virginians…of people born somewhere else. I will have some follow-on coverage in the coming weeks, outlining the demographics and how the “bluing” of Virginia has happened. What will be shown is that people with entirely different principles, morals, and backgrounds from Virginians, have “invaded” Virginia and are trying to change it to be more like the places they came from.

This “cancer” or “offensive” by those who do not believe in the core principles of Virginia and of America is consuming Virginia, and many other places throughout the United States. Just look at the picture above, where the Federal government’s expansion has brought in so many people looking for government jobs. Northern Virginia looks like an invasion force spreading inland. And this is happening throughout the country, especially in the suburbs outside our cities.

Our educational system no longer teaches Americanism and American history (click here for more on American principles). What is presented to most kids today is a sanitized version of events, and zero coverage of the core principles of America for which our entire Republic is based. Because of this, our younger generations fall for socialism, for president’s believing they can do things they have not been given constitutional power to do just because Congress won’t act…fall for immoral and unAmerican policies and principles for which previous generations in this country would have gone to war over…real shooting wars. And in many cases in our past, we did go to war over far less.

My colleague, Richard Kelsey, outlined some of what is about to happen in his article “The Fall of the American Empire: Political Self-Segregation and the Civil War of 2021.” And we are on target for much that he covered there. In fact, when it comes to Virginia…this civil war may start in the Old Dominion long before 2021. I believe it already has.

The lines are being drawn now in advance of the General Assembly convening early next year. On the agenda for the anti-American left are a whole host of leftist policies, including wholesale bans on weapons and the denying of due process to Virginians. Many of the policies which these legislators are proposing blatantly deny or disparage unalienable rights, constitutional rights. And when questioned about that, the legislators and their leftist supporters respond with essentially, they don’t care. The left’s onslaught on liberty and on the rule of law, while hidden behind smoke for so many decades, is no longer hidden from view. And the left isn’t even trying to hide it.

As I stated, in the coming weeks, I will be covering Virginia and what has happened, and will happen. And while these issues and concerns are happening in the Old Dominion, please make no mistake…Virginia is a cautionary tale on what is happening or will be happening soon, throughout our Republic.

I’ll close with an event that happened in the last few days in the heart of the leftist cancer, Fairfax County, Virginia. A county right outside of Washington, DC, it is filled with Federal government workers, the likes of what I described above. If you want to understand how much Fairfax County is to the left’s agenda, understand that if it weren’t for that county and its residents, Virginia would be one of the reddest states in the Republic and a Democrat/leftist would have zero chance of gaining any statewide office. At a county meeting recently, a military reservist and law enforcement officer who was born and raised in southern Virginia but now lives in Fairfax County, spoke to the coming civil war. If you want to hear Ben Joseph Woods’ words (and I encourage you to do so), the video of his speech before the council is provided at the end of this article.

A part of the discussion in the Fairfax meeting was a letter issued by Delegate Jerrauld C. (Jay) Jones (D) to the Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring (D), in response to the spread of 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties/cities in the past few weeks. Delegate Jones was asking the attorney general to respond with guidance for the legislature. In this letter, Delegate Jones stated (the full letter provided below): “The bills passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor are binding for our entire Commonwealth and its citizens. The legal precedent we would set by allowing communities to selectively ignore those laws at will is alarming and indicative of the same mindset that nearly one hundred and fifty years ago led this country to dissolve into civil war.”

Mr. Woods spoke eloquently, and chillingly, of exactly what I have been warning about for decades, and for what I am talking about here. I’ll leave you for now with one quote from his speech (in response to Delegate Jones’ statement)…

“I have corrected his statement to reflect where we are truly sitting today. What his statement should have said is that the legal precedent we would set by allowing the legislature to selectively ignore enumerated rights at will is the same mindset that one hundred and fifty years ago led this country into a civil war.”

Ben Joseph Woods

Virginia is now ground zero. It will tell the tale of whether or not Americans stood their ground and fought for liberty and unalienable rights…or they shirked their duty to the Republic and to the futures of generations yet born to protect and defend the Constitution and the core American principles it is based upon. Leading us into a thousand years of darkness.

Ben Joseph Woods Speech

Author: Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard is the Executive Editor of Committed Conservative. Jay is currently a security analyst and business owner. Jay served 21 years in the U.S. Army, mostly in the infantry. Jay also served as an Army inspector general for four years. Jay has a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from James Madison University, and a Masters of Public Administration (concentration National Security) from Troy University. Jay has run several successful state-wide political campaigns, and has been an outspoken advocate for the Constitution, the core American principles, the Convention of States, and military policies. Jay’s passion is everything to do with the founding of our country, and with baseball. Jay has coached over 30 years at the youth to prep levels.