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Holding Out for a Hero: NFL Owners Fire them, Players Drag Them to Their Feet


When the anthem of your country is playing, and the flag of freedom waves on the breeze of liberty, stand up and sing.  Put your hand over your heart, and sing like you are the only person in the park.  When you don’t, Americans don’t see and hear “protest” or free speech.  They see and hear disrespect. Today, at NFL stadiums and MLB ballparks, some players may take a knee in disrespect of our flag and country.  There are two actions required of Americans.  If you own the team, fire or suspend these players.  If you are a player on the team, of any color or creed, drag them to their feet before old glory.

America needs a hero.  Where’s our Rick Monday?

Players … you are not loving America through your “protest.” You are flipping off Americans and the imperfect country we all love.  We will run you from the game … and if necessary … we will run your teams and leagues out of business if you support this disrespect of America.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about this subject and laid it out bare.  The NFL owners are weak.  They are scared.  They are terrified billionaires, frightened that someone will call them a “racist.”  That’s why they allowed a radical, black activist, and piss-poor NFL quarterback to use their uniform, league, games, and TV contract to mount a race-based protest.

The NFL billionaire’s club actually thought that “blacklash” from standing up to American haters would hurt their profits in a majority-minority league.  It’s the exact opposite. The number of Americans who love America and think these protests are wrong and misplaced, far outnumber the amoral, racist, rubes who support them.

The NFL is devolving and sinking at record speed because the market for stupid and anti-Americanism is small.  The American people are voting with their feet and their remote controls.  They don’t want to see players kneeling in protest, and they are turning this metastasizing cancer off.

You may have a right in this country to take a dump on our flag and sit and flip off our anthem. It doesn’t mean you should.  Know the difference.  As a football or baseball player, you are just an employee with no more rights in uniform than granted you by the boss man.

Make no mistake, this isn’t just a protest by racist fools, it is an “NFL sponsored protest” against America, and it will continue until Americans force NFL owners to stop their players.  

Do you want to know when America was great?  It was great when decent people in a civil society knew the time, place, and manner for responsible dissent.  It was great when no one thought it a great idea to disrespect the flag, our country, our veterans, and those who died for it.

America was also great when the cops were the good guys, and the bad guys were the bad guys … no matter their color.  America was great when moms and dads raised their children to love and respect their country, still have a healthy skepticism of government, and know when, where, and how to use the civil society to bring about positive change.

America was great when Americans stood up for America.

I will say it repeatedly if you want a great America, you need to make great Americans.  Mr. Kaepernick is not a great American.  He is racist, a rube, and an agitator who puts himself and false movement above his country.

Kaepernick’s movement grows from the outright lie that police officers are disproportionately killing and gunning down black men and kids for no reason other than being black.  If you believe that, you were born dumb or raised in ignorance … or perhaps both.  For certain, you have done little independent thinking.

Think, it’s won’t hurt you.  Read too. The sky-rocketing problems with violence and crime in black communities are tied to innumerable factors, and probably the smallest and least significant is white, racist cops. Black crime is a disaster, born of a criminal justice system that favors criminals, and a product of a social and cultural system that is shedding families and fathers.

If Mr. Kaepernick wants to help people of “all colors” avoid interactions and deadly encounters with police, he should tell people to finish high school, learn a skill or get a degree, fall in love, marry the woman with whom he has a baby, and raise their kids in love.

Then, take that kid to a ball game and show him how to stand up, take off his cap, put his hand on his heart, and sing the anthem with pride. 

Kaepernick will save more lives and do more good for his country doing that, than spreading lies and disrespecting the flag in the name of a race war normalized by radicals and presidents alike.

I am a frequent and loud critic of this President.  On this issue, the President is correct. The NFL must make a stand on these protests.  If it doesn’t, it will soon be out of business.  These players are wealthy, spoiled, ill-informed, kids … and their right of free speech does not include a right to say what they want in their employer’s uniform, at his stadium, or in his league.

Fire them.

In 1942, my father, one of 13 kids, dropped out of high school and joined the Marines.  At 6’1, he had to fatten up to 132 lbs. to get in, with a note from home.  He helped save the world from tyranny.  A tiny farm boy who once rummaged through used and burnt coals to find ones the family could re-use to keep the fires burning.  That was not his white privilege, that was his American circumstance. And, he loved America enough to fight for her.

If my dad were alive, you know what he would do?  I can tell you this right now; he would drag these protestors to their feet, or get his butt-kicked trying.  To be honest, if I was on the field at any one of these stadiums, I’d be doing the same damn thing.  Why?  Because I was raised by a great American, a war hero, and a man from the greatest generation.  They didn’t put up with this crap … not because they were racist … but because they were great Americans first.

I am going to watch a little NFL football today … between my own coaching a volunteerism.  Here is what I am looking for.  I am holding out for that hero.  I am looking for a man, any man, in uniform or out … to man up and drag one of these chuckleheads to their feet before old glory.

Who will answer the call?  One man … or one woman … who will make America Great Again?

UPDATED — America found at least one hero.  A man who fought for his country and won a Bronze star has no problem standing up to 46 spoiled, pampered players.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
He is a trial Attorney and author of a #11 best-selling book on Amazon written on higher education, “Of Serfs and Lords: Why College Tuition is Creating a Debtor Class”

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