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Why Democrats are Throwing Conyers and Franken Overboard

Dems dump Franken and Conyers to Highlight Moore, Trump, and others.

The “love-trumps-hate” cruise ship that purports to be the Democratic Party just threw its second liberal member overboard in a week.  Unlike Conyers, at least Franken doesn’t have to return to war zone district that he helped destroy for nearly 50 years.  In Franken, we might yell, “Man overboard.” Though, Franken wasn’t much of a man with his creepy Franken Factor.  Why are the Democrats suddenly grabbing the moral high ground, rather than female interns?

The Democratic rush to dump raw sewerage overboard is pure politics.

The party that aborts babies is not trying to re-find its moral footing in America. It cares no more about harassed, abused, used, and discarded women than it did during the Bill Clinton era.  The Democrats see a political opening that is completely costless to the party, and they are grabbing it by the … Oh, wait … that’s Trump.

Still, the Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste.

Franken drove to work today to find out that a gaggle of his fellow female senators and house members all think he should resign.  In fact, by publication time, over 33 Democratic Senators were lined up against Franken as more stories emerge of him pushing himself on powerless women.

A great political commentator noted, Franken got the Sal Tessio treatment:

Seriously, why dump these two liberals rather than throw them a life vest? The Party doesn’t need them. Both will be replaced with two new liberals who give the party votes without bad press.

Somewhere in the bowels of the Capital, some young, fresh-faced, non-sexually abused, Democratic staffer finally got someone to read his memo, no doubt.  It’s titled, we can dumb these two stiffs, keep the seats, and claim the moral high ground against Trump, Moore, and heck … let’s throw in Clarence Thomas too.

Say, can someone get a major media outlet to tie Clarence Thomas to all this.  Great, thanks.

The Democrats have again outmaneuvered the GOP.  The Republicans once crowed that character counts.  It hasn’t in decades.  However, the side who can show the other side to be most hypocritical and disingenuous still wins points.

The Democrats are throwing out their own because doing so is good PR with no votes lost.

The Democrats will argue that in Conyers and Franken, they have taken out the trash and are protecting women.  They will turn to the voters and point at Roy Moore and say look, the GOP is pushing to elect a man who preys on young girls and may be a pedophile.

They will send their surrogates out to remind America that the GOP stole the Gorsuch seat and that Clarence Thomas is the original sinner in high-profile harassment cases.  He’s not.

It’s all politics. It’s dirty, wretched, embarrassing politics … just the kind we demand.

If Franken’s seat were a toss-up, no one would be calling for his resignation, except Republicans.  If Conyers represented a district that was a toss-up, rather than the model of democratic failure but a sure win, he wouldn’t be resigning either.  In fact, in his case, the Democrats would have pulled the race card out of the deck to protect him from a high-tech lynching.

We are a mess.  Every America drives every issue by its political zealotry that blinds Americans to objective facts, unbiased moral guidelines, and a common code of decency.

As patriotic, Americans with fidelity to constitutional principles and American values, it’s getting harder and harder to find honest brokers who will analyze and criticize issues based on the merits.  It seems most Americans determine what is acceptable behavior based on party, and not the actual behavior of an individual.

Soon the waters will be polluted with all the garbage thrown overboard from our political Titanic … and only the rats will be left on the ship.

Why are Conyers and Franken on the way out … and Moore on the way in?  It’s all politics now.

The moral authority of America is political power … people, facts, and conduct be damned.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
He is a trial Attorney and author of a #11 best-selling book on Amazon written on higher education, “Of Serfs and Lords: Why College Tuition is Creating a Debtor Class”

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