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You Are the “Nazis” The “Resistance” Is “Fighting”


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the “resistance” from the left.

Leftists are masters of propaganda.  They refer to themselves as “progressives” despite the fact that their agenda is decidedly regressive. They refer to killing the unborn as “reproductive health.” And they refer to opposition to Republicans as “resistance.”

In healthy constitutional democracies, opponents of the current government are called the “loyal opposition.”

In today’s America, by contrast, the Democrats fancy themselves to be the “resistance.”

You see, the term “resistance” conjures up images of an oppressive police state like Nazi Germany. So the Democrats are intentionally promoting a narrative that the United States under Republican governance is a police state that must be “resisted.”

In so doing, they cast themselves as knights in shining armor heroically fighting against overwhelming odds to stop a tyrannical regime that is trampling on the basic human rights of the people it rules.


Look out your window. Do you see Gestapo on the street corners monitoring your every move for signs of disloyalty?

Do you see the news media being forcibly shut down and coopted by the state?

Do you see storm troopers coming for your guns?

Do you see undesirables being rounded up into concentration camps?

Of course not.

But that won’t stop the Democrats from claiming that Republicans like you and me are Nazis who must be “resisted” by courageous heroes like them.

The Democrat “resistance” claims the Republicans are trampling people’s civil rights, but they can’t point to one single policy or proposal that does that.

They claim we are oppressing Muslims, but again, there’s not a single policy or proposal that does that. (The executive order on refugees applies only to seven specific countries identified by the Obama administration as hotbeds of terrorism and does not affect any of the dozens of other predominantly Muslim countries.)

They claim we are waging a “war on women” that warrants a “Women’s March on Washington” and a “Day Without Women.” Yet they can’t point to a single policy or proposal that denies women of any civil rights equal to men.

They claim we’re a bunch of racists seeking to oppress minorities. Yet all I see is a Republican president who is the first of either party in more than 50 years to specifically focus on cleaning up our inner cities and providing safety and opportunities for those predominantly minority communities.

They claim that we’re trampling on freedom of the press, when all I see is a free press printing mountains of lies about us without any fear whatsoever of being closed or overtaken by the government.

In fact, the idiocy of calling political opposition to the Republicans “resistance” lies in the fact that most of their anti-Republican screeds are printed freely and openly on an internet that the Republicans fought the Democrats during the Obama administration to keep open and free.

In a police state, the resistance can’t attack the government openly and publicly without fear of retribution.

And yes, I’m embarrassed that I actually had to point that out to the “resistance.”

So let’s call things as they really are.

The United States of America is not a police state.  Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler.  No one’s civil rights are being threatened.

And the political opposition is not a “resistance” – no matter how much they might want to contrive the facts to make themselves look like heroes.

Author: Ken Falkenstein

Ken Falkenstein is the Managing Editor of Committed Conservative and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in public affairs to the job. Ken served in the U.S. Army in the last years of the Cold War as a Russian linguist for military intelligence and the NSA. After leaving the Army, he earned his degree in Secondary Education from Old Dominion University, where he also wrote a popular column in the student newspaper.

Upon graduation, Ken worked as a Legislative Aide to two Republican members of the Virginia House of Delegates. Ken also served as Corresponding Secretary of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia, managed several successful political campaigns, and managed governmental affairs operations for a local Realtor association.

In 1995, Ken moved to Washington, DC to serve as a Legislative Assistant to Sen. John Warner (R-VA). While working for Sen. Warner, Ken attended law school at night, earning his J.D. with honors from the George Mason University School of Law (n/k/a The Antonin Scalia Law School). Since that time, Ken has practiced as a civil litigation attorney, including serving for three years as an Associate City Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Ken previously was a contributor to the highly-regarded political blog Bearing Drift and was a weekly co-host of The Steve Batton Radio Program. In 2016, Ken ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia Beach School Board. Ken is also a former President of the Down Syndrome Association of Hampton Roads.

Ken now lives outside of Denver, Colorado with his wife, Kim, and three sons, Adam, Dylan, and Joshua, who has Down syndrome. Ken’s writing is motivated and informed primarily by his concern for his kids’ future.