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Battle Lines Are Forming


While much of America has largely been tuning out the events in Washington as of late (apparently there is an impeachment going on), Americans throughout the land have had their eyes turned towards the Old Dominion as it lurches forward in what some have called the next civil war…and others naming it American Revolution 2.0. No matter what we want to name all of this, battle lines in this “war” have begun to form. Virginia’s Liberty Revolution is in full swing.

Like any war or even the lead up to the conflict, there is always smoke and chaff. Rumors, lies, positioning, re-positioning, reinforcing…many actions happen to bring a veil of uncertainty to the field. One side moves its troops, and the other side follows suit. One side probes the defenses of the other, receives input from spies, and works on its plans.

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When it comes to the looming battle everyone expects in Richmond starting in January, there has been a lot of movement on both sides. After the November 2019 elections in Virginia, the newly elected Democratic majority began publicly mapping out what it would be trying to accomplish when the legislative session begins in 2020. On the agenda is a whole host of leftist, anti-American legislation. All under the guise of “safety” or “fairness” or other smokescreens.

In response, Virginians have begun fighting back immediately. Over 80 of the 95 counties in the Commonwealth have either declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuary counties, constitutional counties, or the like. Many of the towns and independent cities have also done the same. And there are some others who are meeting over the next several weeks to vote on the like.

Many of these localities have added additional teeth to their resolutions, with several enacting actual ordinances that prohibit the localities from spending money and county employees from engaging in actions which further the unconstitutional legislation being proposed in the General Assembly. Some have even gone further, with Tazewell County voting to form its militia and the Culpeper County Sheriff stating that he will deputize county citizens in order to protect their constitutional rights. Others are preparing to go to court against Richmond.

Tazewell County Votes for 2A Sanctuary Status & To Form Their Militia

In response, some of the extreme leftists who will be voting in the General Assembly next year, have begun their own posturing. Socialist Delegate Lee Carter (D) has proposed a law which would remove law enforcement, elected local officials, and the like who do not enforce the laws which Richmond enacts. And possibly open those public servants up to prosecution.

Other’s on the left have called for the governor to use the Virginia National Guard to force compliance with the new laws. Even Governor Ralph Northam (D) has stated publicly that localities will obey and enforce the law, or there will be “consequences.”

Folks, while no one here at Committed Conservative is forecasting or advocating for violence…what we are seeing are forces marshaling and preparation of battle lines, at least in the political sense. At this juncture, the chasm between the sides is quickly widening, and there appears no possibility of turning back from the conflict.

In the coming days, we will discuss the legality of many of the actions…both by what is proposed in Richmond, as well as the actions of Virginians in combating the unconstitutional and unAmerican assault by the left on the rights and liberties of Virginians. In many cases, what some hope will be legal, likely is not. Many measures will fail to gain ground. Like many “wars,” not all offensives reach their goals.

As such, we will not only provide analysis of the courses of action being taken and the likely results, but also will be helping to form courses of action that not only will be likely to succeed, but which will help arm Virginians, and Americans throughout this nation, with the tools and focus the battle lines so Virginians may just turn the tide back in the direction of liberty.

And please note… we will be providing in the next few days an opportunity for the small group leaders out there who have started their 2a county sanctuary sites, or they are lawyers, or local elected officials and law enforcement… to come together in a round table to discuss strategy, to experiment, to exchange intelligence and lessons learned. Please watch for that!

In the meantime, all of this brought to mind the John Adams miniseries which was broadcasted years ago. I would like for each of you to watch these videos, in order. They are illustrative on how patriots started confused, wanting different outcomes, at times angry with each other in the face of tyranny. But in the end, they all spoke with one voice…forming their battle lines. As John Adams states in the series, “all 13 clocks strike at the same time.”

The way forward will require all Virginians to first recognize the threat to liberty the left not only is proposing, but to recognize the damage to liberty they have already wrought. And then to look at the courses of action available which will best lead to the desired outcome…where liberty and unalienable rights reign supreme.

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Author: Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard is the Executive Editor of Committed Conservative. Jay is currently a security analyst and business owner. Jay served 21 years in the U.S. Army, mostly in the infantry. Jay also served as an Army inspector general for four years. Jay has a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from James Madison University, and a Masters of Public Administration (concentration National Security) from Troy University. Jay has run several successful state-wide political campaigns, and has been an outspoken advocate for the Constitution, the core American principles, the Convention of States, and military policies. Jay’s passion is everything to do with the founding of our country, and with baseball. Jay has coached over 30 years at the youth to prep levels.