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Clinton, Obama, and Susan Rice: The Noose Tightens


Hillary Clinton is an angry, cold, vicious, conniving, mean-spirited woman with almost no political skills.  That’s why she lost an unlosable election … twice.  The worst kept secret in Washington is Mrs. Clinton’s famous temper, explosive tirades, and utter contempt for our military, our law enforcement, and even her secret service detail.  Mrs. Clinton hates the little people.  Guess what?  They hate her back.  Now, the new Susan Rice allegations might give life to Clinton’s greatest fear, being held to account for her treachery.

During the 2016 Presidential Kardashian election, rumors spread about a Hillary Clinton off-mic meltdown where she purportedly said, “If that F#cking Bastard wins we all hang from nooses.”  That bastard to whom she was purportedly referring was President Trump.  Trump did win, and the war on Trump has been an Obama and Clinton effort to take down Mr. Trump before he can expose them.  In Susan Rice, the noose has now tightened.

Get the gallows ready.

The Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in American history.  That truth is the exact opposite of the Obama narrative.  Of course, when you control all the levers of the government, and the deep state, your corruption can’t and won’t be prosecuted.  The litany of scandals is long and serious.  At the core of these scandals has been a dark move to place this country under the complete control of the left through the deep state.  This merging of executive and deep state power was meant to coincide with what democrats and experts believed would be a coming super-majority of the Democratic Party.

Trump’s win quite literally stopped the effective conversion of the US government from a working representative republic to a one-party, federal, bureaucratic empire dressed up as a democracy.

The civil war orchestrated against the Trump election is a well-financed, well-planned, active coup against Trump and the American people who voted him in.  The phony #Russiagate story is a distracting ruse to stop the inevitable exposure of both Mrs. Clinton and former President Obama. The #altleft and its forces of rebellion and #resistance are desperate to topple Trump before his team and his appointees can gain effective control of the government and tear out, root and branch, the political corruption put in place by the Obama machine.

So far, the leftist coup has failed. Today, it might have been exposed.

We are closer now than ever before to understanding the naked abuse of power under the Obama administration, and why it is that Mrs. Clinton, under pressure, under duress, and fearing a loss, blew her gasket at the prospect of a Trump presidency.  Sure, the “fact-checkers” deemed the famous “hang from nooses” temper-tantrum to be either unproven, uncorroborated, or untrue.  Of course they did.

Remember, Mrs. Clinton couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t winning by 50 points.  As October came around, her internal polling likely showed the race to be too close for her liking.  When Matt Lauer had a pang of conscience and asked an unscripted question about Clinton’s complicity in an illegal email scandal involving national security, she saw that as a media betrayal.  She expected the left, including her media, to toe the line.  If it didn’t she could lose.

Mrs. Clinton knew exactly what would happen if she lost the election.

Only those who know the depth of their own corruption and the ability of executive power to both hide it and promote it could understand the true reprisal of a country betrayed.  Perhaps the only truth uttered by Mrs. Clinton during the entire campaign was her purported moment of fear and anguish.  Why would a losing candidate and her party and associates “all hang from nooses” after losing an election in a free, fair, open, democracy based on the rule of law?

Traitors hang from nooses.

Trump is the art of the imperfect president.  He is not, however, a Russian puppet or spy.  He didn’t steal the election, it wasn’t hacked, and he is as legitimate a President, or more, than some before him.  Trump’s greatest political sin is he is not part of the establishment, and his arrival on a wave of populism upset the coronation of liberal puppet President and the conversion of America to a leftist, state-run bureaucracy.

Saul Alinsky’s soldiers are pissed, and now thanks to Susan Rice, we know why the Alinsky commanders are so frightened. One rule for radicals that Alinsky likely taught his personal protégé, Mrs. Clinton, is never get caught.

Susan Rice is at the heart of the Obama propaganda machine and conspiracy to undermine US elections, overthrow Trump, and set the country into chaos.  Chaos is the key catalyst for big government intervention.  If the plan goes as dreamed up by Mr. Obama and his team, working out of their war room at his DC “house,” the Trump administration crumbles under the phony deep-state Russiagate allegations.  In the alternative, Trump is so damaged that some combination of riots, war, discord, and division destroy America and render his administration powerless.  In either scenario, the left puts back on track its plans to rule America.

Unmasking that plan would lead to harsh consequences for the plotters.

Susan Rice is the nice African-American lady who the Obama administration ran out for 10 days to every major media outlet in 2012 to tell the American people that the terror attack and death of the US Ambassador in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 was really a spontaneous protest sparked by an anti-Islam YouTube video.  When we investigate election interference, no such investigation should ignore that in September of 2012, with the President up for re-election and the country moving right, he sent that woman, Mrs. Rice out to lie, over and over, and over again.  He did this to avoid bad press and the charge that the US suffered a terror attack on the 9/11 anniversary  … a terror attack in a country he bombed and destabilized that was now an Islamic State terror center.

Susan Rice was promoted for her role as liar and partisan in-chief.  Rice should have been fired for her part in the political scandal and election manipulation.  However, for that to happen, the president who made her do it would have to take responsibility.  Instead of being fired, discredited, or disgraced, Obama did what many leftists do; he promoted her to a higher level of government where she could further assist him … rather than the people. There he continued to use her as an officer of disinformation.

In 2014, after Mr. Obama traded five of the worst Al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo for the return of a purported American deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Rice said of Bergdahl, he “served the United States with honor and distinction.”  He is being tried for desertion and misbehavior.

Mr. Obama knew three things to be true about Susan Rice that made her very valuable in his administration.  First, he knew she was a loyal, radical, left-wing soldier.  Second, he knew that his complete control of the deep state would protect her, and third, he knew that a lapdog media would not push on Rice for her flagrant lies.

Susan Rice is a liar.

Has she broken the law?  The allegation against Rice is devastating, and the possible abuse of executive power is so compelling that an investigation is essential.  Rice, in an interview on MSNBC today claimed she leaked “nothing to nobody.”  She did not deny obtaining the information and unmasking people, she denied doing it “improperly.”  Maybe her decision to unmask Trump associates was due to a spontaneous reaction to an internet video?  How many shows will she appear on to tell a lie before the lie is exposed?

Make no mistake, if Susan Rice was behind the improper and politically motivated “unmasking” of American citizens, she didn’t do it on her own.  She was a tool of the coup, and an important but bit player in the abuse and misuse of intelligence assets and warrants to sway an election or destabilize a newly elected government.

The order for such a treacherous act came from on high.

Rice, it is reported, ordered the unmasking of Trump associates who were picked up “incidentally” on a FISA warrant aimed at foreign nationals.  Not surprisingly, wire taps of foreign nationals pick up Americans all the time who have done nothing wrong and who are not part of a criminal conspiracy or investigation.  Those citizens’ identities are NOT “unmasked” or shared because they are incidental.  They are only unmasked if the citizen is in danger or a focus of a criminal investigation.

The official mainstream media response to this story is ho-hum … this is not Trumpgate.  The official democratic response came from former Obama spokesperson who said, essentially, there is no evidence of political motivation, so the Americans were obviously unmasked because they were part of a crime.

Rice apparently unmasked those names and spread them to 16 intelligence agencies that have had them for more than a year.  This unmasking happened during the Presidential campaign, and the result of which was that every Obama controlled, deep-state intel agency may have improperly had the identities of innocent Americans shared for political purposes.

As I wrote previously, when Mr. Trump claimed he was “wire-tapped,” the left-wing media went crazy.  Moreover, the complete defense became, “Mr. Trump was not wire-tapped at Trump Tower.”  This of course, became the ultimate non-denial, technical denial.  The real question now is, as it has remained: was the Obama administration spying on Trump and his associates for politically motivated purposes?  It sure looks that way.

Meanwhile, we now have to wonder, what did Hillary Clinton and her team know and when did they know it?  Susan Rice was a political appointee of President Clinton to the State Department.  Her Clinton ties go back long before her frail and weak Benghazi defense.  She was even considered a replacement for Hillary Clinton at State until the Benghazi scandal.  Obama instead appointed her to National Security Adviser, as that position didn’t require Senate approval.  There, she apparently really served as the Obama Political Security Adviser.

I am sure this fact is unconnected, but I will let you decide.  Just before leaving office, the Obama administration loosened regulations on sharing intelligence among agencies.  Among those regulations loosed included the ability to share the names of unmasked Americans.  How convenient, and I am sure that was coincidentally unrelated to the war on Trump.

“If that F#cking Bastard wins we all hang from nooses.”

Probably not … but one wonders if that wouldn’t make America great again.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
He is a trial Attorney and author of a #11 best-selling book on Amazon written on higher education, “Of Serfs and Lords: Why College Tuition is Creating a Debtor Class”

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Rich is a former Assistant Law School Dean and Law Professor. At Mason Law Kelsey conceived of, planned, and brought to fruition Mason’s Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property, known as CPIP, drawing on his expertise as a former CEO of a technology company specializing in combating cyber-fraud.

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