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Yes America, We Separate Children from Criminals

Children sleeping in "cages" separated from parents after illegal entry ... by Obama Administration.

The outrage of it all. From silly little boys like John Legend to failed and vanquished dynasty decedents like Jeb Bush, the radical left and the open-borders advocates are caterwauling about the indecency of America and its treatment of the children of alien criminals. It’s so insanely stupid that I weep for how easily used and manipulated some Americans have become. Yes America, we separate criminals from their children when we hold criminals in custody. It’s not new, it’s just new for illegal aliens.

When you commit a crime in America as an American citizen and you are taken into custody, your kids don’t get to come with you. If you brought them along for the crime, they are taken into protective custody until a family guardian can be found. Finding no guardian, they are placed in the government system while your case works its way through the courts.

That is what you get if you are an American. That is now what you get if you are not an American. For some reason, treating illegal aliens the same as Americans has outraged the left, the center, and the dopes on whom they rely to spread fake outrage and fuel the resistance.

Grow up. Get informed. Check. Your. Stupid. Willful ignorance and political zealotry are not a privilege, they are a handicap. To the rest of us … they are red flares demonstrating people incapable or unwilling to think and be serious.

Now, some on the left think illegal entry should not be a crime. That is like saying we just have open borders, and essentially the only criteria to be an American is to get to America. When the government adopts that policy, you can count on Americans to overthrow it by force and run its proponents from our country.

Ironically, these so-called asylum seekers don’t have to break the law and enter our country illegally, something people who care about facts and children might want to learn. A person eligible for asylum may declare so at our entry border-crossings or at our embassy in the country where they are persecuted.

The majority of these illegal aliens are not “asylum seekers” under the law. They are economic opportunists. Do I blame people for wanting to leave countries that … by the way … obviously can’t be shit-holes … to come to America to seek a better life? No. I get that desire. Their wants, however, do not determine our needs or our policies. Likewise, what an illegal alien wants doesn’t serve as a legal defense for illegal entry.

The average, outraged, trump-hater or Hillary voter who is seething, crying, and whining on their respective Facebook and Twitter feeds about this inhumane policy are nothing more than ignorant children having a tantrum. They are so ill-informed or propelled by anger and hate, that they don’t care about the law, the issues, policy, or incentives. They just want Trump dead for all this … even if Mr. Obama did it too.

It’s painful to read the idiocy. It really is.

No, we are not making special exceptions for illegal aliens that we don’t make for Americans and their children. No, we should not return to a catch-and-release system where we apprehend illegal aliens in our country and knowingly release them in our country, hoping they return for a hearing. That’s how we came to have 15-30 million illegal aliens in this country.

Ironically, parents with these young children are less likely to come to if they know that doing so illegally has no profit or benefit. Incentives matter. Moreover, parents who don’t want to be separated from their children can simply follow the immigration and asylum laws, which is their best defense to this action.

The worst possible answer to this illegal invasion is to catch a criminal illegally entering in this country and reward him or her with a ticket and release … into this country where he or she has no right to be.

I am often asked … as are most thoughtful, decent, law-abiding, Americans tired of the illegal onslaught are too, “don’t you have empathy for these kids?”

I do. I have the same empathy I have for the children of American criminals and drug users. I wish children didn’t have to pay a price for bad behavior and illegal acts of their parents. I just haven’t figured out how rewarding those illegal acts is good public policy for Americans or the right incentives for criminals.

I have so much empathy for kids placed in that impossible situation that I am 100% behind any policy that punishes parents for doing it and sends a strong message to other parents not to do it. That’s how much empathy I have.

Mr. Trump promised to tackle illegal immigration. He is doing it, and for most Americans without a political rooting interest, they understand that to stop illegal immigration, we can never reward it. Ironically, while I was never a big fan of Trump’s wall, the very issue of families with young children illegally crossing into this country would nearly dry up if it were built.

Of course, all these bleeding hearts hate that idea too. In fact, the anti-Trump, pro-illegal alien crowd doesn’t want a wall. They don’t want our laws enforced. They don’t want aliens to seek asylum properly. They want open borders, without apology, and without regard to consequence.

The crybabies and haters, once again, want illegal aliens to be treated differently, and better, than American citizens. This, we cannot permit.

Just remember, America doesn’t punish or make miserable the lives of American criminals or alien criminals. Their parents do that when they decide to break the law and put their kids at risk to do it. Entry into our country can never be the prize for that decision.

You want to release people who broke into our country and reward them with passage to a life of identity fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, and free public schools and programs?  No, we are better than that.

Right now they get a hearing on the merits to determine the validity of their claim that they are the subject of government persecution and should, therefore, be granted asylum. While the merits of that hearing are pending, because of their illegal entry, they are in custody and their kids are in care. That’s how the system works, and it is already, frankly, quite generous.

One possible, easy solution for this problem is to release these immigrants back on the other side of the border from where they came, with their children. They would be printed, and if found to have re-entered again illegally, they would be charged as felons, and thus be ineligible for asylum. In the meantime, they could be given instructions on how to apply for asylum at the embassy in their home country. All this time, they will have their children with them.

Why even grant illegal entrants a hearing on Asylum? Stopping that would stop people from entering illegally and claiming it, which would end the family separation issue.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
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