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The Wall and Cinco de Mayo

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All day on Cinco de Mayo, I read and listened to folks on the left screaming about how you can’t be “pro-wall” and then go celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Their logic is that if you’re pro-wall, you’re anti-Mexican, so how can you go eat Mexican food, drink Mexican beer, and listen to Mexican music. And that’s the argument that gets used over and over again. If you want border security, you’re racist.

Here’s what’s really happening. If you have a losing argument in a debate, then you have to change the conversation. It’s a simple strategy. I’m no courtroom lawyer, but if I was, and everyone on earth, including me, knew my client was guilty as hell, I sure wouldn’t be talking about the crime in the courtroom. I’d talk about everything else I could think of, ala OJ. I’d point at procedure, improper arrest—basically anything other than the fact that we all knew my client killed someone in front of a hundred eye witnesses. So, if you’re a liberal Dem, and you want to pander to your Hispanic base, you point at the GOP and scream, “They’re all racist! They hate brown people! They want you all to leave America!”  Wait…what?  Who said that? Illegal immigration and legal immigration are two totally different topics. Totally different. So why do they continually get lumped together by the Left? Because it works.

Being in favor of border security is being in favor of National Security. I write thrillers for a living, several of which deal with counter-terrorism. I’ve spent years reading and speaking to folks who actually deal with criminals from over the border—the very porous border. Their frustration over the past decades, the last eight being the worst, stems from their ability to see the actual problem, and their inability to address it because they’re not allowed to do their job. Then Trump comes in and says, “You’re going to actually follow existing law”, and all hell breaks loose.

That brings us to another new buzzword. “Sanctuary City”. Wow. That one just raises my blood pressure. How does any public official knowingly break the law, then publically exclaim that they’ll continue to do so because they don’t like the law. Huh? Does that mean if I like to drive faster than the speed limit, I should scream “Sanctuary Speeding!” if I get pulled over?

The notion that being in favor of a wall and enforcing laws to protect the American public from illegal aliens, (who are criminals by simple virtue of the fact that they broke the law getting here) makes a person racist or anti-Anyone is complete and utter nonsense. I said nonsense because horses**t would get censored.  The fact of the matter is, there are places in America that are extremely unsafe because of illegals that have formed gangs, are trafficking drugs and humans, and prey upon other illegals that don’t have the ability to stand up to them. There are entire criminal cottage industries built around making fake IDs and documents. What do you think would happen to YOU if you showed a police officer a driver’s license that wasn’t you? Well, you’d be facing Federal charges and spend a boatload of money to stay out of jail. Unless of course, you’re not a legal citizen, then you’re somehow above the law, to be released and go get a new fake ID.

We are a nation of immigrants. My grandparents came through Ellis Island and kissed the ground, so happy to have a chance at freedom. And like the new waves of immigrants, they were willing to out-work everyone so their children could have a better life. One difference though, they came legally and loved America. They wanted everything American—including the language and flag. They were proud to be Americans. Now, if you’re here from anywhere in the world, and you’re here legally, and you share my love of country, God Bless You and WELCOME! If you’re not… then you simply don’t belong here. Is that cold? Maybe. And if you don’t like the laws, then change them. But choosing which laws to enforce and which ones to overlook is criminal, plain and simple.

I’m in favor of border security. Want to know why? It’s not because I have anything against Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans or anyone else. It’s because I don’t want to watch school buses getting blown up in America by Islamists crossing the border, drug cartels pumping more heroin into our kids, or people from other countries getting benefits that American citizens can’t even get! Border security is national security, plain and simple. And now I think I’ll go have a burrito and a Corona.


David M. Salkin is the author of thirteen thrillers, with such publishers as Penguin, Post Hill Press and Permuted Press. His latest work, a Novella,titled Battle Scars is available on Amazon. He’s the Deputy Mayor of Freehold Township, NJ, where he’s lived his entire life. With 23 years on the governing body, Salkin has served on numerous boards and commissions. Salkin is a member of the Veteran’s Community Alliance, an associate member of the Marine Corps League – Philip A Reynolds Detachment, and continually works to help veterans.


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