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The Coward of Broward … Sheriff Israel


The sad and disgraceful news of a Sheriff’s Officer failing to fight and protect the students at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School has shocked our nation. The School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson, has resigned. He failed himself, his colleagues, and most importantly, those kids … whose protection was the sole purpose of his job. For more than 4 minutes, he did nothing as the shooter fired unimpeded for 6 minutes.  Some have called him the Coward of Broward. The cowardice in Broward, however, starts at the top.

Sheriff Scott Israel is the chief Coward of Broward. He’s the worst kind of coward. He’s part slimy politician, part opportunist, and a complete buck-passer.

A media whore, the sheriff couldn’t wait to show up at a staged, anti-gun rally hosted by the radical left-wing, cable infortainment channel, CNN. There, he blamed the NRA for this shooting.  Worse than that … the Coward of Broward said this … pushing patently false, propaganda, which his office dutifully tweeted out:

At the very time the Sheriff said this, he had to know two facts. First, the NRA is responsible for not one mass shooting, nor is any of its members.  Indeed, in one of the last mass shootings, an NRA member, and former instructor, in his bare feet, engaged, shot, chased, and ultimately killed the mass shooter.

That’s a fact, not hyperbole.

Second, the Sheriff also knew that the NRA doesn’t have a legal, ethical, or moral obligation to stand guard for anyone. It is a 5 million-member association whose mission is to allow Americans to stand up for themselves, whether or not people like the Sheriff in their government fails them.

The weak, cowardly, blow-hard politician who disgraced his uniform, “Sheriff” Israel, also knew that it was HIS office and HIS men … and HIS “Leadership” who failed to stand up to this killer.  They failed when the killer was a repeated threat in HIS community, and they failed spectacularly when HIS office needed to confront the dangerous killer that it instead let loose on the community.

What are the classic symptoms of cowardice?  People who run and hide at the expense of others, even when they have a duty to protect those people.  People who use death and fear for political opportunity. People who blame their failures on others. People, like this sheriff, who never had the courage to take on this shooter and properly investigate him the numerous times his men were called to the shooter’s home.

Cowards like Israel then knowingly lie about their own failures, and they push those failures onto others.

In the history of outright lies, the Coward of Broward’s NRA charge is a cake-topper.  The man with the duty to act, who didn’t, blames the people who fight and advocate for the right to self-defense.

Many people are rightfully criticizing the resource officer who froze, and in fear, failed to act and defend the kids.  I understand that criticism. But, that officer had the decency to resign. He knows his failure. He has confronted his weakness, and he has taken responsibility. It is a burden he will carry to his grave.

The Sheriff is too much of coward to admit his failings.  He is too weak to take responsibility for all the failings of his office and his men, and like most weak, cowardly politicians, he seeks a scapegoat to blame for his own shortcomings.

If the Sheriff were a man … or if he had ever met any real men … he would resign, beg forgiveness, and take responsibility for the failures that permeated his office.

He’s not man enough to do that … which is why Sheriff Israel is the real Coward of Broward.


Since writing this earlier today, news has now broken that up to Four Sheriff’s officers failed to enter the building during the shooting, according to sources in the Coral Springs Police department, CNN is reporting.

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.
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