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Saudi Prince Defends Trump’s Refugee Policy as Not Anti-Muslim


We’ve all seen the Democrats and their lapdog “news” media smear President Trump’s anti-terrorism refugee policy as “anti-Muslim.” Well, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman disagrees.

After a meeting today with President Trump, Prince Salman answered a reporter’s question about the refugee policy by saying,

“Saudi Arabia does not believe that this measure is targeting Muslim countries or the religion of Islam. This measure is a sovereign decision aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the United States of America. President Trump expressed his deep respect for the Religion of Islam, considering it one of the divine religions that came with great human principles kidnapped by radical groups.”

In other words, Prince Salman, who is the next in line to the throne of the country containing the holiest sites in all of Islam, understands better than American Democrats and their “news” media that restricting entry to our country from seven specific countries with high levels of terrorist activities while not placing those restrictions on the other 43 predominantly Muslim countries is not “anti-Muslim.”

There can be no doubt that the Democrats and their “news” media will continue to smear the president and his policies as “anti-Muslim.” The question now is whether the left-wing judges that previously adopted the Democrats’ political smear now will heed the words of one of the world’s most prominent Muslims.

Author: Ken Falkenstein

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