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Dateline April 22, 1943: UN Calls for Ceasefire in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Warsaw, Poland (REAL FAKE NEWS) – After three days of intense fighting by Jews contained in the Warsaw Ghetto against Nazi guards, the United Nations today overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire.

“We understand that living conditions in the Jewish community of Warsaw could be improved, but the taking of innocent German lives by these Jews is entirely unacceptable by the international community,” said UN Secretary-General Jacque Moreau.

“My home country of France obviously opposes Nazi Germany’s quest to conquer Europe, but we stand in complete solidarity with the Nazis in their righteous quest to rid Europe of the Jewish colonizers that have plagued us for centuries,” Mr. Moreau continued. “The containment of the Jews in Warsaw is a reasonable step toward this objective, and the Jews’ terroristic genocide of the Nazis during this recent uprising is just the latest example of their tyrannical ways.”

Jewish militant commander Mordecai Anielewicz responded to the UN resolution, stating, “We cannot and will not agree to a ceasefire because the Nazis have sworn to kill every single Jew, not only in Warsaw, but in all of Poland and Europe. So, we are fighting for our very survival.”

“That kind of pig-headed refusal to be reasonable demonstrates why the Nazis needed to round up the Jews for extermination in the first place,” said Greta Rosenblatt, a 23-year-old student at Harvard University. “As an American Jew, all I can say is that these Polish Jews ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

Author: Ken Falkenstein

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