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Media Mislead Public On Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance


To look at the headlines in the establishment “news” media, one might think that presidential adviser/son-in-law Jared Kushner had done something terrible and had been punished for it by losing his top-secret security clearance.

“Jared Kushner loses top security clearance,” declares NBC News.

“Kushner security clearance is downgraded,” screams CNN.

“Kushner loses access to top-secret intelligence,” blares Politico.

“Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Downgraded,” trumpets the New York Times.

Here’s what each of these “news” outlets bury in the story on the assumption that most people will just skim the headline: All interim top-secret security clearances were downgraded to secret. Kushner was just a part of that group.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly announced almost two weeks ago that he was going to tighten up interim security clearances after it came out that White House staff secretary Rob Porter had an interim top secret security clearance despite the fact that top officials knew that he had a history of domestic abuse.

Part of the new policy on interim security clearances was that everyone with an interim top secret security clearance would be downgraded to a secret clearance.

President Trump had the power to grant Kushner a permanent top-secret clearance, but he decided to let General Kelly make all decisions regarding all interim clearances. Both Trump and Kushner agreed not to request an exception for Kushner.

It is important to bear in mind that the establishment “news” media have been breathlessly anticipating that Kushner will be indicted as part of the contrived Russia “collusion” investigation.

In that context, the headlines singling out Kushner as having had his clearance downgraded when, in fact, all interim top secret clearances were downgraded, leave readers with the misimpression that Kushner has lost his top secret clearance based on his alleged involvement in this contrived “scandal.”

That’s why Committed Conservative is here to monitor the establishment “news” media and expose them when they launch these kinds of smear campaigns against conservatives and Republicans.

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