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Obama Appointee Defies President at DOJ on Travel Ban


The acting head of the Department of Justice … acting Attorney Genera Sally Yates just became a democratic superhero.  The nation’s place-holder as the top lawyer just flexed her muscles and said, I may not have this job long, but you folks must have forgotten I am a democrat.  She directed DOJ lawyers not to defend the President’s Executive Order on travel bans.  If she has not been fired yet, President Trump must not have heard about it.

Cross Sally Yates off your list as a Supreme Court Nominee in this administration.  Add her to the list if the Democrats ever win again. Ms. Yates has fine credentials, and unlike internet lawyers, she probably full well knows the law.  The President’s EO on the travel ban is, on its face, Constitutional.  Her only basis for an objection at this point, is for political points.  Consider those scored.

The debacle falls at the feet of team Trump.  As we pointed out here, the roll-out and implementation of this order was a political disaster by a team in need of political, logistical, and managerial help. By failing to recognize that the Acting AG was a partisan Obama radical, the team again never considered the possibility for political mischief.

I don’t agree with Ms. Yates, but I agree she will get paid big-time for her actions.  And, she didn’t even have to wear one of those tin-foil, pink vagina hats.

The Hill and others have the story.


Author: Richard Kelsey

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