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The War on Trump


America is again at war.  It is multi-front war, fought in the homeland.  The implications are large for all of us.  When Donald J. Trump stunned the world and won an election that most experts and Americans thought he could not, the left unleashed the kraken.  Preparation for war began long before Election Day.  Trump faced aggressive political foes from both the left and right during the campaign.  As he came down the finish line, many conservatives fell in line at the thought of a Clinton loss. Once elected, still others fell in line at the thought of sharing power.  On the hard left, and in conservative circles where powerful pundits had painted themselves in a corner, the Anti-Trump alliance found the strangest of bedfellows.  As someone opposed to Trump as a GOP nominee, and as the candidate, I certainly saw with eyes wide-open Mr. Trump’s problems and short-comings.  Even I, however, never dreamed an election loss would translate to an open, hostile, street war focused on delegitimization and destabilization from the morning of November 9th. It’s a War on Trump.

The audacity of Trump’s win, vanquishing the Bush Empire, the Clinton Machine, and the Obama coalition became the left’s clarion call to political prayer … and war.  They have united the radicals, the rubes, and an embarrassed media hostile to Trump and angered by Trump’s public thrashing of it.  Indeed, phony establishment conservatives like Rubin, Frum, and Will united with neocon conservatives like Bill Kristol in this war.  Neocon front man, Evan McMullen, has founded an organization dedicated to a drumbeat of anti-Trumpism.  He claims falsely the mantel of conservatism as a ruse.  What both left and right anti-Trump warriors don’t yet fully realize is the War on Trump is really a War on America and those many Americans who voted for Mr. Trump.  It’s a war no Constitutional Conservative could ever join … certainly not 11 days into a presidency.

The march of radicals and their misguided sisterhood 24 hours after swearing in was merely a continuation of a movement that started when America elected Trump.  The movement seeks to remove, destroy, or delegitimize Trump by any means.  Indeed, after the election, we saw calls for recounts, and then activism that fueled riots, protests, flag-burning, and a concerted effort to suggest falsely that the election was “hacked” by Russian media.  Obama fundraiser and Hillary Clinton supporter Larry Tribe, a law professor, led a coalition of the hard-left to create a false, demonstrably incorrect, legal narrative that Trump’s presidency would violate the Constitution on day one through the Emoluments Clause.  Tribe’s partisan hackery masquerading as legal analysis was laid bare in this rebuttal.  Still, the mainstream media pushed, repeated, and heralded Tribe’s propaganda as legal truth.  The outgoing intelligence chiefs leaked a scurrilous report suggesting Trump was both a pervert and being black-mailed by Russia.  And, the primary tools of the left’s war include predictable allegations that Trump is either racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or a fraud.  Trump, the left said, while winning 30 states and 304 electoral votes, was not legitimately elected.

My twitter feed is stacked with many anti-Trump and #nevertrump tweets … from me … even though I identified his power and attraction long before most.  As a Constitutional Conservative, I thought Trump’s brand of economic populism and big government tendencies were wrong headed.  I still do.  Moreover, I was concerned that Trump, while a patriotic nationalist, lacked and still lacks the optimistic face of America and Conservatism.  Finally, I too found his inability or unwillingness to command issues and explain policy as either a disqualification because of knowledge or because of an inability to lead based on confidence.  On election morning, I celebrated Mrs. Clinton’s defeat, not Mr. Trump’s win.  Of the two candidates I thought unqualified, I considered a Clinton win more unpalatable for conservatism and America.  As an American, I resolved to fight Trump when he was wrong, support him when he was right, and battle him for the ideas and ideals of Conservatism, which he often gets wrong.  Moreover, I recognized that when America’s President is weakened for political partisanship alone, America is weak.  I am not a Trump convert, but I refuse to join a war on my country, my president, and my fellow Americans.  Likewise, you will never find me throwing in with illegal aliens, rioters, flag-burners, abortion advocates, or loons parading in vagina suits.  In fact, if called to serve him, I would.  I would have done that for Mr. Obama too, because America needs Americans to work together for a successful union.

Many of my fellow Americans have lost their minds.  So damaged is our culture that party and race trump everything.  This is the natural result of a leftist ideology obsessed with our differences and committed to de-Americanizing us into sub-groups.  That twisted culture of identity politics and victimization on which the left has raised and nurtured its angry children is why we cannot come together as a civil society to work collectively on common problems.  In the mind of the left, they have nothing in common with us, including country.  Their war on Trump, joined by political profiteers and quasi-conservatives with hurt feelings and fewer cocktail party invites, is a war on Americans.  It is making us weaker.  It is destroying the fabric of our nation.  It is emboldening our international economic and political adversaries, encouraging lawlessness, and yes, probably helping terrorists and the nation-states that that support them.

It is one thing indeed to point out how a president is wrong and why his policies will fail us and our collective good.  It is quite another thing to root for that failure, work for it, and to do whatever is necessary to make our country weaker for your party or preferred identity.  The War on Trump will never end.  He will see it in the courts, on our streets, on social media.  He saw it in the form of a staged political protest by an Acting Attorney General who placed her personal morality over her ethical and legal duties.  He will face it from China, Russia, and a host of terror-supporting nations.  He will find it in the drumbeat of a national media, and in the interest groups of ousted and angry conservatives.

We will see the foot-soldiers of the anti-American left burning our flags, waving foreign flags, holding signs like, “Rape Melania.”  They riot to suppress speech, like at Berkley.  Rubes on social media will repeat the dangerous lies told them … like we have a ban on Muslims.  No President will ever work under greater duress than will President Trump.  No matter his policy, he will be wrong.  Indeed, the policy to ban temporarily travel from terror states identified by the Obama administration became to the radical left a political lie that Trump selected states in which he did not do business.  Some leftist both claimed it was a Muslim ban, and then scolded him for not including US allies like Egypt or Saudi Arabia.  Had Trump included other states than those identified by the Obama administration as a terror threat, Trump haters would have screamed, Trump is even banning Muslims from our allies. Trump will never get the benefit of the doubt in any action he takes, and the war on him will continue unabated.

Still, as I noted, Trump must do better.  Errors in the manner and method of his Executive Order rollout on the temporary immigration ban come from not having strong, experienced, or thoughtful advisors.  Banning green-card holders and legitimate VISA holders are policy and political mistakes that can’t happen.  Mr. Trump has approximately 14 months to effect substantive change.  After that, the 2018 mid-terms will be in full swing, and the War on Trump is all about that election.  Mr. Trump might not care about his current polling or media coverage.  And, while Mr. Trump has the power to win elections and drive over the media, Republican Congressmen do not. Even though the 2018 election map is, by pure coincidence, remarkably favorable to Republicans, a backlash election could cost Trump the Senate.  If the GOP loses the Senate with that map in 2018, Trump’s presidency ends there.  The left knows this. In the next 14 months, Trump’s policies must take root, the economy must grow, and Americans must see an improvement that over-shadows the negative coverage and false stories that anti-Trump warriors will tell about Trump, the economy, and all of his policies.  If that does not happen, Congress will run from the President to ensure the only thing Congressmen care about … their own re-election.

Trump is a wartime president.  It’s a second American civil war.  The bullets may only be flying in the most radical corners, but the incivility is at a fever pitch. Trump is surrounded on every front, and he can expect little support from those who sent him to take on this task.   I won’t cheer-lead for this president.  I won’t go soft on him when he is dead wrong.  However, I am not going to join a war against my President and my countryman.  I won’t take up arms or pens in a war fought by the ignorant, the disillusioned, the partisan, and the politically vanquished … neither should you.

Richard Kelsey

Author: Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief of Committed Conservative.

He is an Attorney, a former Assistant Law School Dean, Law Professor, and Virginia state court law clerk. Dean Kelsey was also the CEO of a technology company specializing in combating cyber-fraud. He is a regular commentator on legal and political issues in print, radio and on TV.

Rich graduated from George Mason law school, clerked for the Arlington Circuit Court, and later joined an AM LAW top 10 law firm practicing commercial litigation. He left the firm to be counsel and CEO to a consulting firm, rising to CEO of Turiss, LLC, a technology firm specializing in computer forensics, digital investigations, and fighting cyber-fraud through civil intel services and new technologies. Upon the sale of the company, Kelsey returned to Mason Law, where in the years before his return, he both taught at the school and served as President of the Law Alumni Association. Kelsey was the Assistant Dean for Management and Planning.

At Mason, Dean Kelsey taught legal writing and analysis and an advanced litigation seminar. In 2014 he was elected by the graduating class as the faculty speaker at their graduation. While serving the former George Mason Law, Kelsey conceived of, planned, and brought to fruition Mason’s Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property, known as CPIP.

Rich has appeared on radio, TV, and in print hundreds of times as both a legal expert and political and legal commentator. He provided the legal analysis for all stages of the Bob McDonnell trial and appeal for numerous outlets including NPR and WMAL. He writes on occasion for the American Spectator and CNSNews.com. He returned to private practice in September of 2016, and he is working on a book/expose on legal education.

In his free time, Rich is part of the baseball mafia of Northern Virginia, serving on numerous boards and as a little league and travel baseball coach.

Rich has many opinions, and they are his own. His Twitter handle is @richkelsey.


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